Background Music

The traditional use of background music has evolved considerably in recent years. The tapes and CDs have since almost disappeared from the market and were replaced by more sophisticated systems: hard drive, streaming... . In addition, very specific applications were developed such as making compilations intended for Aerobic and fitness instructors.

The making of reproductions for background music is subject to the exclusive right of the music producer. This means that for each reproduction, a consent must be obtained in advance from the producer or rightholder concerned.

SIMIM has a mandate to manage these forms of exploitation collectively for the benefit of its mandaters. To this end, there are three types of contracts, each of which allows a specific use:

  • Traditional background music (with tape or with CD)
  • Compilation CDs intended exclusively for Aerobics and fitness instructors
  • Music on hard drive and streaming for use in publicly accessible places as background music

A territorial extension can also be added to the Belgian contract for a limited number of countries.

We can make a unique offer to the interested Belgian companies: we propose one contract that simultaneously regulates the copyrights (Sabam) and the rights of the music producers (SIMIM). The administration is provided by Sabam. Truly a one-stop shop. The contact is Joshua Laga.

However, foreign companies operating in the Belgian territory must conclude a direct contract with SIMIM regarding the rights of the music producers. You can contact Vince Versteynen via You can also call on 02/775.82.10

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