Management Companies

In Belgium, there are several collective management companies active in the field of audio and audiovisual works.

We can house them in three groups:

  • management of the rights of authors and composers:
    • Sabam
    • Sacd-Scam
    • Sofam
  • management of artists rights:
    • PlayRight
  • management of producers rights:
    • SIMIM (audio recordings)
    • IMAGIA (videoclips)
    • Procibel
    • Bavp kabel
The following table proposes their areas and partnerships in a schematical way:

Use Type of Contribution Rightholders Distribution Management Companies
Public Places Fair Compensation Producers & Artists 50/50 SIMIM & PlayRight
Sound and Audiovizual Copy Home Copy Producers & Artists & Authors 1/3 1/3 1/3 Auvibel on behalf of: Sabam, Sacd-Scam, Sofam

Artists: PlayRight

Producers: SIMIM, Imagia, Procibel, Bavp kabel
Rental CD / DVD Rental Law Producers & Artists & Authors 1/3 1/3 1/3 Reprobel on behalf of Auvibel

Sabam PlayRight