Besides collecting the funds, the second important task of SIMIM is to distribute the funds. We also call this 'repartition'.

The distribution is always based on the actual use, or as close as possible.

With a few minor exceptions, the funds received are distributed on a phonogram basis (a phonogram can be equated to a 'recording' or 'track'). To this end, SIMIM has built up a large database of phonograms.

For all those who pay us for the use of recorded music, we collect a maximum of information about the repertoire used:

  • radio stations provide us with detailed lists (playlists) of the recordings they have broadcast
  • The other users provide us with more general information about the repertoire used. SIMIM processes these in usage statistics.
  • For the home copy, Auvibel compiles usage statistics based on end-user surveys.

SIMIM's mandaters provide us with their repertoire.

Based on the information on the use and information about the repertoires, SIMIM will calculate the share of each holder for all amounts collected.



Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact Axelle Ninove: axelle.ninove@simim.be. You can also call 02/775.82.10